They were few and weak with thirst and hunger. Now they are many and strong. Now, we are few and weak with hunger and disease.
Who have we become?

Put our foods: the maize, the tomat, the cacao, the squash and bean into a basket for our guests who
now own our being.

For our visitors with more than one belly; - for our friends who feed, endlessly consuming even what they don't need - and what we need, they deliberately destroy or kindly feed to their animals.

Lay kindness into the grave to honour our civilized guests who now eat our uncivilized lives. For them, kindness is to kill us for not smiling when they kill our old ones, casually.

We, Humans delicately put one step in front of the other to move. Like crabs, these dispensations  slide sideways and backwards into their familiar darkness.

Wherever I go they crawl. I can flee nowhere, nomore.

Oh, Quaaahhhrrraaahhhooouuunnn! Welcome me into your darkness, if not into your light.
Take my spirit into your spirit of resistance. [She falls and remains still. Meanwhile, the sound of the hounds is heard, more clearly. She raises herself with difficulty and utters what appears to be both a curse as well as a prayer; a history and a dirge]. Spirit of Indian Resistance: With Totanka Yotanka, Tupac Amaru, the Beothuk, the buffalo, the maize, the tabac...

It is I-Anacoana of the middle kingdom. Do not forsake me! Turn not away from me. It is I-Anacoana ... QUAAAHHHRRRHHHOOOUUUNNN!

[Lights dim on her fallen body and comes up on Augustine]

A Spanish friar, Fr. Montesino, prepares Anacoana for burial. He preaches to an Audencia -a gathering of Spanish Hidalgos, landowners and adventurers- the baying sound of the hounds ever nearer.]

: The Bible tells the story of a man who went down to Jerico and while on the way, he fell among thieves. They beat him and took all he had and left him for dead.

Along came a priest came and saw the wounded man. But the priest feared for his own safety and hurried away.

Presently, a lawyer came. He crossed to the side where the man lay, looked on the man and then left.

Then, along came a woman on a donkey - a Samaritan. On seeing the wounded man, she got down and helped him. She bathed him, put him on the donkey and took him down to the foot of the hill where there was an inn. She told the innkeeper. You take care of him. When I return, I will take care of his bill.

On her return, she saw the man who had been hurt. He was now well. But in gratitude, do you know what he did? He, who had been fed and clothed by this woman now turned and ill-treated her. He violently seized her possessions and enslaved her. He killed her children and old people. And he violated her. This is what this man, this man who had been left for dead by robbers, this is how he showed gratitude to the Good Samaritan.

[He looks in the direction from where the hounds are baying]

Hidalgos, Spaniards, Christians, we have come to the lands of the heathen - these Indians. We have come to bring light to them. When we first came, they fed and watered us. No sooner did we get our strength back, than we turned around, like the man in the parable and violated the hospitality of these heathen.

For what, you say we should be grateful to them, heathen?

It is the same foods of these people: the tomato, the potato, the squash, beans and nuts that have now helped to end the cycles of famines that plagued us in our own countries in Europe. Once we were the lean cows in Joseph's dream. Now we are the fat kine, and our hosts and their children starve.

What did we bring to them - we who come from civilization? What have we brought apart from death in a thousand hideous forms?

How have we behaved? We, who call ourselves Christians have been worse in our behaviour than the heathen who God has sent us to convert and to save.

Beware, I warn you that the wrath of God Almighty does not fall on you for your sins. Yes, you who call yourselves, Christians, and for whom power means control over others for your own selfish

For the true Christian, for Christ, power is control over yourself, for the benefit of others!

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