Historical Drama, Quhhhrrraaarrrhhhooouuunnn! © (Warahoun) - in Five Acts.

Scene i

[Three people of MesoAmerica speak. One of these, the third is an Amerindian cacique named Anacoana. She led an insurrection against the Spaniards. Another person is Blood Woman. The second is Cuotemoc. Blood Woman speaks on the Maya interpretation of Pre-Creation, and Creation. Cuotemoc speaks of the destruction of the peoples of this region; on Human sacrifice then and now. He asks philosophical, anthropological questions on the origins of the Europeans. Anacoana speaks of the deaths of her people, the Tainos in Caribbean islands like Cuba.]

BLOOD WOMAN: [Implicitly responding to Augustine's explicit remarks] "In the Beginning?!"
Even before this so-called Beginning - One Hunter and Seven Hunter played a ball game with their sons. Their loud playing disturbed the Lords of Night who live below the earth in the place of the Dead called - Xibalba (Schebalba). And the Lords of Night became angry and tricked One Hunter and Seven Hunter into playing a ball game against them. These two were humiliated by these Lords of Sickness, by these Lords of Disaster, by these Lords of Death. And the Lords sacrificed them. The head of One Hunter was put in the fork of a tree and became the calabash gourd.
It was forbidden to go to the tree. And a young woman heard about the tree, and became curious and came to the tree seeking answers - even though she was Blood Woman, daughter of Blood Gatherer, one of these Lords of Night.

[Lights come up more fully.] I am Blood Woman, and I had to trick the Lords of Night to escape after I became pregnant from the essence of One Hunapuh's head. His essence was in his spittle which he put into my right hand signifying that I would have male children. I went up to earth to Xmucane (Ishmookhanie), mother of One Hunter and Seven Hunter. But my mother-in-law did not take to me at first.

My children also had to forage in the mountains. They hunted the food. But were not fed. Their elder brothers made music and magic all day and at night ate all the birds my children brought. But my children, with their genius changed these wicked elder brothers into monkeys.

Then, my children began to be ball players like their fathers before them - and the gods tried again to trick them with a ball game. But these young men were not fooled like their fathers before them.

Instead, MY CHILDREN tricked these Lords of Night.
humiliated these Lords of Night who had killed their fathers.
MY CHILDREN took away prestige from these Lords of sickness, of puss, of death.
  MY CHILDREN had genius!!
And it is they, MY CHILDREN: Jaguar Deer and Hunter Deer who became the sun and the moon.
And this is the story even before this Beginning; before our creation ...

Scene iii

And this is the story of our creation. Before there was any  Beginning, there was also, no life; only blackness, only the sea. She was the mother. [On-stage lights emphasize her pregnancy]. But no people. Not one person, deer, fish nor even forest existed. Only the sky existed. The sea lay silent. She was the womb of humans. Of life.

There was grandmother of day, grandmother of light.
But there was no dance of life.
There was no variety of life.
There were no shapes of life.

And the Creators, Nurturers conspired together.
They needed
To be praised;
To be honored;
With articulate speech;
By humans.

And the Creators spoke together in the darkness.
They asked,

CREATORS: [Choral speaking] "Who should do the Sowing and the Dawning and the Nurturing?" [Breathing].

BLOODWOMAN: They listened.
They listened to each other.
They pondered.
They thought.
They agreed.

But their first attempts did not work. Their first creations they made in their own image and likeness - and of clay. Ha, Ha! Of dirt. Ha, Ha! But these clay creations were silent. Without articulate speech. And not because they were even arrogant. They had no recognition of the creators!!! Ha, Ha, Ha!!! They crumbled back to the dust from whence they had come.
The Creators tried again.

[Choral speaking together]
"Yes, It is We, yes, We who made the wooden people.
These flayed the earth.
They destroyed the trees.
They disrespected life.
They ignored us - the creators!
There was no praise.
No honour.
No deference.

And their utensils rose up and beat them.
Their animals rose up and mistreated them!
Heart of Sky brought a great flood and they fled.
They drowned.
They even died!"

:  The Creators then made the first humans who had articulate speech Lights come up on the uplifted face of  Cuotemoc].
Cuotemoc: These humans could see the heavens - and above the heavens. They could see the earth and below the earth. They praised the creators. But the creators were worried.
They said,

: [Choral speaking] "These humans are like gods.
They are like us".

: They said,

: [Choral speaking]
"They will compete with us.
They will not praise us for long.

Oh No! Oh No!
We must limit them!
We must limit them!

Oh Yes! Oh Yes!
We must limit them!!"

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